Crypto Payment Solutions

We work with our partners to provide you with solutions for crypto payment, Wallet and OTC.

Crypto Payment

In 2021, ePayments became a partner with Binance, the world’s largest crypto digital exchange, to provide Binance Pay services to merchants worldwide, helping them lower the barriers to crypto transactions.


In 2021 ePayments partners with ImToken, the world’s leading crypto wallet, to provide imToken hardware wallet services to merchants in Australia and New Zealand, making merchants’ funds more secure.

Crypto Payment

In 2022, ePayments become a partner with Alchemy Pay, Alchemy Pay is supported in over 70 countries with 300 payment channels, has touch points with more than 2 million merchants.

Crypto Service

In 2021, ePayments will become a partner with Coin Direct, the world’s leading Crypto service provider, to provide merchants with compliant digital currency and fiat currency exchange services under anti-money laundering regulation.

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