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ePayments connects you with billion Chinese customers , Every marketing is significant

The truth that you should know.
The local mainstream TV advert, press advert, mail out catalogues and newsletter do not have a high level of cut through to Chinese customers. They want meaningful messages in their own language on their heavily used media platform. Just like how you use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The right message. The right media.

A WeChat Verified Official Account can reach your potential customers. With customisable menus and personalised greeting messages with juicy content, you can engage with them efficiently. Whether it is an introduction of your business in a meaningful translation, a special offer, prize or survey. Your engagement can be a mix of text, photo, audio and video. WeChat Verified Official Account is the best way to increase awareness of your branding to Chinese customers.

WeChat Marketing Strategy

Keep them coming back.

Chinese customers love special offers. Now you can use WeChat Voucher for maximum penetration to Chinese market. It can be produced, shared, gifted and redeemed all in a digital way. Plus, we will provide all the data and reports of WeChat Voucher for your next campaign.

WeChat Moments

WeChat moments is the heart of social interactions on WeChat. It is like the Facebook feed from your friends and pages that you like. Posts published by users as well as companies can be shared and commented. Content published or shared on Moments can include images, text, videos and links.

Alipay Marketing Strategy

Store Management

Promotion Management

Data Dashboard

Operator Management

China PR

ChinaPR is an innovative public relations service that markets your business to Chinese customers through advertisements and articles.
We publish content across a huge network of Chinese media including WeChat, Weibo, and other popular websites. We’ve negotiated excellent prices and package deals with several media platforms, making ChinaPR an affordable way to grow your brand.
We can also take care of data analysis and search engine optimisation.


InChi is an app that allows 
your business to sell products 
within WeChat.

Inchi integrates a shop function and allows your users to browse and purchase products, all using WeChat. InChi then submits the orders, for you to arrange shipping and then upon payment, your business will receive funds in your local currency.

InChi connects your business to a Chinese market via WeChat, the most widely used social media platform in China. It leverages the platform’s full capabilities, creating a great user experience and allowing customers to use the embedded digital wallet system. They can browse, view and purchase prosucts all within WeChat.

JD Logistics

JD logistics creates the best customer experience, promoting the transformation of consumption patterns and increase of social supply chain efficiency through the open and intelligent strategic initiatives, connecting the logistics, business flow, capital flow with information flow organically. JD logistics provides businesses with integrated logistics solutions, which achieves inventory sharing and order integration processing and offers express, cold chain, bulky cargo, and other services.

Michael Hill

The client

Michael Hill is an iconic New Zealand jewellery business. They came to us looking for help to market their products to Chinese customers.

Our solution

We helped them setup a WeChat Account and grow their presence on this popular social media platform.

We recommended a multi-functional public account with the following features:

  • WeChat Pay
  • WeChat Store
  • Customer service
  • Content marketing